Awesome Google Maps Easter Egg lets you step inside the TARDIS

first_imgThey like to have a good time at the Googleplex, as evidenced by the plethora of gags and Easter Eggs that come out of the company. The most recent discovery comes in the form of a Doctor Who sci-fi treat hidden in Google Maps. At a particular spot in central London — specifically the Earl’s Court neighborhood — there is a very peculiar object. A blue police box, but inside it’s The Doctor’s TARDIS, and you can take a peek.Just head to this link in your browser, and look for the double arrows pointing at the call box. Click through and you’re inside. And yes, it’s bigger on the inside. You can click around and take a look at the console, or swing around the perimeter. It’s a nice little nerd diversion, and the level of detail is impressive.The double arrow might not show up if you’re using the new Google Maps beta, but tapping the up arrow on your keyboard might get it to show up properly. Alternatively, open the link in Incognito Mode (or your browser’s equivalent) to get the classic Maps interface.The call box used as the marker for this TARDIS Easter Egg does actually exist in London, but most of the original units have been removed. They date from the late 1800s through to the late 1900s, when mobile phones finally supplanted the last active call boxes. Police were able to use the boxes to contact the local station when the flashing light indicated an officer was needed. The public could also use the boxes to call police.The Earl’s Court box was actually built in 1997 as a homage to the devices. It has been active on and off, but the phone inside is merely a prop at this point. It also houses a CCTV camera, but most things in London do. Now the police box is mostly known as the TARDIS, especially to younger sci-fi fans that have never had to worry about where to place a call.last_img

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