Beware of 2012 MacBook Pros on bumpy roads

first_imgThere’s no such thing as a perfect gadget. Sure, there are some obvious things that can be avoided, but at the end of the day it is impossible to account for every variable. When you find that sweet spot, where it seems like you’ve gotten a really great device, you start to see the odd little ways it can be improved. Unfortunately, certain solutions can create other problems. A perfect example of this would be some of the changes made in the 2012 line of MacBook Pros.We take our laptops with us everywhere these days, and the great thing about the new MacBooks is that they actually have the battery life to survive a weekend excursion with light use. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that the keyboard on the new MacBook Pro with Retina display Best Price at Amazon specifically is a little soft. When you type on the keyboard, you can feel that the individual keys give very easily. It’s really nice if you are sitting somewhere typing, especially given how little noise it makes. If the MacBook Pro is in a bag or a case and is jostled the right way, however, the machine will wake up inside the bag. This happens when the machine is hibernating as well as being completely off. The right amount of force in the right direction will cause the keys to press on their own and wake the machine up.Many owners of new MacBooks are not huge fans of the new MagSafe adapter, either. In previous versions of the MacBook, I think the power adapter was implemented flawlessly. I wish everything I used had a magnetic power adapter, and I can only imagine how many gadgets would have been saved from my clumsiness if they did. The new MacBooks have a slightly different adapter though, and while it is still magnetic, there are many who feel it has a much weaker connection than previous models. It manages to maintain a connection when sat on a desk, but sing it in your lap is going to cause some issues. Any time you move the laptop with any kind of force, the power adapter disconnects. It’s incredibly frustrating.The new MacBook Pro accomplishes a lot of amazing things in its own right. Thinner, lighter, and incredibly more powerful machines were the result of untold hours of research and development. Subtle changes needed to be made all over in order to accomplish those feats, and there were unforseen consequences to those changes. I don’t think that wiggly keys or a weak power adapter is a deterrent for anyone seriously considering a MacBook Pro with Retina display, but issues like this could easily lead to the decision to leave the laptop at home.via Mac Performance Guidelast_img

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