Next iPad landing March 16th

first_imgAs of last week we knew that we’d all get a chance to meet the next iPad on March 7th. The reveal date is the most important mark on the calendar, because it once-and-for-all answers so many of the questions we’ve had about the product — will it have a Retina display? will it have LTE? will that fancy case I bought fit my new tablet? — but as soon as March 7th, 2:30PM (or so) rolls around there is only one date left in people’s minds. That, of course, is the tablet’s release date. According to the latest rumor that will be March 16th.According to a leak from an Apple store employee Cupertino is getting ready for some big in-store events on Friday the 16th. That means the next iPad — be it the iPad 3 or iPad HD — could be in the clammy, shaking-with-excitement hands of tablet buyers around the country just nine days after its announcement. Presumably pre-orders will happen some time before that date so that new iPad’s are landing at buyer’s doorsteps on Friday, or, as we’ve seen in the past, Saturday morning.This might seem like quick turn-around time but the iPad 2 actually appeared under similar circumstances. It was unveiled at an event on March 2, 2011 and was available for sale on March 11th, so it also featured the Wednesday/next Friday timing.The report went on to state that Apple could be having another event a week later. This would likely the week of the 19th, as Apple typically has their get-togethers held earlier in the week (unless this is another set of private meetings, like Apple with with the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion unveiling). It’s not clear what this would be though the Apple TV is at the top of the list, especially if we learn much about iOS 6 tomorrow.via 9to5maclast_img

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