Prototype iPod touch with capacitive home button leaked

first_imgEvery generation of iPod touch that has ever been released comes with a physical Home button placed below the screen and inset slightly so it’s easy to find by feel alone. It’s a part of the design, and no one really expects it to change.However, CrunchGear has come into possession of some images showing an iPod touch without a physical button. The Home button is capacitive instead. Could Apple actually be considering doing this to offer up a completely smooth surface?Further investigation revealed the device has 128GB of memory and is running firmware v4.2.1MC14. The MC550LL model number matches with a 4th generation iPod touch. CrunchGear think it’s an old prototype due to the firmware it has installed. It’s certainly dirty enough with all those visible fingeprints showing it has had a lot of use.Legitimate or not, we think Apple does a lot of experimentation with its devices, and have no doubt a capacitive button has been considered and tested. The fact this looks to be an old prototype suggests Apple didn’t like the end result and has stuck with the physical button.Read more at CrunchGearlast_img

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