Sylvania HD1Z 720p HD 39 at Woot

first_imgWoot has some pretty odd talk about the whole Julian Assange / WikiLeaks/ DDoS / MasterCard thing. A preemptive strike (or plea, rather) against the folks in Operation Payback who might attempt to take down the deal site once it’s down with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Amazon, et. al. Don’t worry Woot, you’re probably fine.The site also has a super-good deal on a shiny new HD camcorder. You can pick up the Sylvania HD1Z for $39, if you direct your browser on over there. The camcorder shoots video in 720p at 30 frames a second. It has HDMI out, 4x digital zoom, an SD card slot (which is nice, seeing as how the thing only has 46MB of memory built-in0, and a built-in speaker and mic.AdChoices广告You can also shoot still with the thing and upload it instantly to YouTube and Facebook. No official word yet from the White House regarding the deal.last_img

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