13 people who really should have thought their decisions through

first_img7. So we SURF, but not on water, on the roof. How could this be a bad idea?8. Got it! I’ll just balance on a skateboard on a pole. Be grand9. How could proposing on a sea rock NOT be romantic?10. No no wait, how about starting a fight with a deer. In what world would this not end in my favour?11. So listen up. We throw a shaken bottle of Coke and reap the rewards Source: Imgur12. I’m going down the up escalator because that’s just magic you sheep obviously haven’t discovered13. Planking on a moving door. InspiredAll silly life choices taken from the excellent subreddit whatcouldgowrong.12 people who’ve got some serious explaining to do>Here’s how NOT to open a champagne bottle with a sword> SERIOUSLY. WHAT COULD go wrong?1. What if I just whoosh these up the factory real quick?2. Run across some molten ash? Can’t see any possible problem with that3. Holding a whisk by my head? I DEFY you to find a downside to this4. Put a firecracker under this bowl? Seems to be a sound decision5. I mean, what other way would I get on this waterlogged swing?6. Hey, I’m just going to jump kick this machine because my crisps are stuck. Surely nothing could go wronglast_img

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