Krunoslav Capak: The opening of borders depends exclusively on the epidemiological situation in each country. The test is no guarantee

first_img“If the epidemiological situation is more favorable in our country, of course our citizens will be able to come to our seas as domestic tourists. And the question is whether we will let foreign tourists, ie open the borders, it depends exclusively on the epidemiological situation in each country”Emphasizes Capak. “It is very difficult to talk about it. Summer is approaching, but the situation is unknown and no one knows what the epidemiological situation will be in Europe and those countries where most tourists come from. In any case, if the epidemiological situation in a country is worse than in our country, the arrival of tourists will not be allowed. If this situation changes, then of course the question of how and under what conditions it will be possible to enter Croatia would be considered.” “The test or confirmation is valid for a very short time because in 24 hours a person can become positive – so this is no guarantee. Epidemiologically, the guarantee would only be given if we had insights into the terms of their quarantine conditions and if they spent 14 days in quarantine – in which case we would be sure that they would not bring us the virus. Or they should have such an epidemiological situation in their state that they have no new cases, in which case our population is safe from the entry of coronavirus. We will see what the situation will be and we will make decisions accordingly. ” Capak concluded. Capak: Test and confirmation that they are healthy are no guarantee But Capak emphasizes that no confirmation as a thread test is a guarantee that someone will not get sick and transmit the virus in 24 hours. Although it is difficult to predict how the whole situation with coronavirus will develop, and there are still too many assumptions and questions, and too few answers, within the profession there is talk about the possibility that when crossing the border or entering foreign tourists in Croatia, guests can bring confirmation that they are not sick from coronavirus or to be tested at the border before entering Croatia. Of course, there is interest in coming from Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, at least according to the data of travel agencies, but how much is the real interest and intention, we will see if and when the borders will gradually begin to open. At today’s press conference of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Krunoslav Capak, a leading epidemiologist and director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, spoke about the potential opening of borders and how this situation will affect the tourist season. Relaxation of measures does not mean a priori the opening of borders. What the situation will be in a month or two, no one knows, but the borders will not open, of course, if the coronavirus is still present in another country, as in our country. Tourism will not look the same as it did before, Capak said, adding that epidemiologists will provide a poor special framework on the functioning and conditions in which hotels and all accommodation facilities will need to be met, as well as the behavior of tourists while staying in Croatia. This year, the focus will certainly be on the domestic guest as well as on weekend trips.last_img

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