Chinese investors are sending a letter of intent to the Government of the Republic of Croatia for the purchase of Osijek Airport

first_imgOn the eve of the tour of the Airport, the Chinese delegation held a meeting in Osijek-Baranja County with the prefect Ivan Anušić and associates, during which new topics on which cooperation is possible were opened. “Chinese investors are interested in the potential of Osijek Airport. The neighboring land is very attractive and we see it as suitable for the development of logistics activities. The evaluation of projects in cooperation with our partners from the Chinese Southeast European Business Association (CSEBA) has shown that there are opportunities for Chinese investors and we believe that we will concretize them soon. ” said Jiang Yu, founder of Z-Run Wellton Industries. “We think that we can breathe new life into Osijek Airport, especially in the freight segment, and this is where Chinese investors see interest. We believe that in further contacts with the state and the county we will be able to find the best model of cooperation. ” said Mario Rendulić, President of the Presidency of CSEBA, adding that it remains to be seen which investors will eventually show interest in Osijek Airport and food and wine production, but that the tourist potentials of Slavonia have also been recognized. After the first visit to Osijek-Baranja County in mid-April, a delegation of Chinese investors and the Sino-Southeast European Association CSEBA visited Osijek Airport again yesterday with the aim of assessing the potential for investment and cooperation in more detail, the portal reports. Osijek031,  It has already been announced that Chinese investors are also focusing on taking over the Ilok cellars. Of course, nothing can go overnight, so serious investments take time, from making various business analyzes to concluding them, but the seriousness of the interest is certainly there, as evidenced by the second arrival in Osijek-Baranja County. Source: Osijek031 “Yesterday, there was a much larger delegation in our county led by CSEBA, which speaks of the seriousness of their intentions when it comes to investing in Osijek Airport. They are interested in the area near the airport with the aim of opening logistics centers as well as investing in the cargo and passenger terminals of our Osijek Airport. Further steps in communication are the transition to talks with the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and the Chinese delegation confirmed today that it will send a letter of intent. ” said Prefect Anusic. RELATED NEWS: CHINESE INVESTORS BUYED HOTEL ZAGORJE IN KUMROVAClast_img

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