Month: June 2017

Several examples of how you can not see how entrepreneurship

the current society without this venture is no longer a new term, and with the growing entrepreneurial team, the number of entrepreneurs who are not more and more. Here, let’s make a few small examples so that we can also see no business.

the first case: no money from the shop building in the new premises (two cases): This is 1998, I have a poor fellow, home of the broken tile can add a piece of new tiles, has been included in the reconstruction, but feel helpless because of poverty, because he used to neighbors. My channeling the door, in a chat said as tears, I am a other people do not see the tears, to see him so I also worry in my heart, so I began to think how to let him change disk, status. A few sleepless nights, I finally came up with a way: his family is poor, but there is a good land, it is a commercial treasure house, you can afford to four houses wide. If you can sell half, you can raise enough money in the other half of the house, but the land is responsible, only their own room but not resale. I asked him to publish, treasure rental, soon to come to negotiate business lease matters, rent out half of the land, 50 year lease, rent a $200 thousand, it will soon be built a beautiful building, there is a little money left over from a small business, some happy small day. This time using the method after the success of the local primary school and the village committee are also using this advantage, don’t put any penny on the street side built a row of shops, and they only change a way, chartered by the unified planning at their own expense to build shops, within 5 years from the collection of all expenses, 5 after years of shops owned by all units, such as rent and the rent is reasonable according to the market rent. This method is the same as the successful use of other people’s funds to start their own room, is a long-term interest in investment. read more

The story of college students from hotel service to CEO

many people have to venture an impossible thing, in fact, entrepreneurship is not so unattainable, but it is not an easy thing, we can learn from some successful cases, try to avoid detours, to actively move closer to success!

"entrepreneurship is not easy, be yourself as a business enterprise, is their own CEO, CEO do not just face the opportunity to grasp the time, should establish their own brand of " "." Graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, international trade professional Yang Yinfeng admits his entrepreneurial thinking. read more

Seven teach you a deeper understanding of metaphor nternet plus

in recent years, the concept of "Internet plus" speculation in the official media be in full swing, no matter, or major business forum, this concept has appeared. But we really know what is "Internet plus"? I believe most of them are not clear enough, Tencent President Ma Huateng’s seven image metaphor may help us deepen understanding.

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See how the four line of the town electricity supplier wealth market fun

electricity supplier is now the idea of gaining popularity, many entrepreneurs have been small in the electricity supplier industry, moving towards greater entrepreneurial goals. As for the four lines of the town, want to get rich on the Internet, it seems to overcome more entrepreneurial difficulties.

in a second tier city electricity supplier, the basic pattern has been set, the next step is the competition of the channel sink, for the three or four line of the city. However, in some small towns, many companies use the existing electricity supplier platform, has touched a set of gameplay, such as Datang town. To the town of Zhuji City, Datang socks are socks Market electricity supplier park is located in the two floor, 38 enterprises settled in early September this year. These have worked hard for young people, have returned to Datang, took over the parents of the venture, the gun, will open a variety of shop. read more

Rural Entrepreneurship in the initial stage of chaos talk

in the government to encourage the development of rural electricity supplier at the same time, we need to see that there are still many places lack of infrastructure, the lack of reliable platform and other chaos. Rural electricity supplier has not yet led to the development of the existence of hidden dangers, the need for vigilance.

With the increasing of

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Meng Hua joined the wrapper process

small dough is to love as consumers can break the catering sector, what kind of dough will be welcomed by consumers, but also for the vast number of investors to join the project, for Baoji Meng Huagan recommend you face. Meng Hua wrapper optimization of the North China Plain for wheat precision grinding powder, strict standard operation, clean sanitation, do not add any preservatives. The use of 100 years of exclusive secret recipe, secret sauce, to ensure unique taste, high nutritional value, low calorie. Meng Hua Ganmian skin than the traditional cold noodle stalls, more clean, eat better, more diverse, more can meet the different tastes of customers. read more

What are the 5 emerging business models that Americans are now hitting the market

this is a country full of competition, but also a lot of opportunities in the country. The United States, there are 2300 small businesses, will add a total of 54.3 new small businesses every month. So, if your company wants to stand out and succeed, not only a unique value proposition, but also a variety of income streams, as well as adequate, powerful creativity.

The research of network

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How to improve the profit of underwear store

investors shop business is to get a good profit, but there are many factors affecting the profitability of underwear stores, how to get a good profit? Xiao Bian finishing some of the professional recommendations to help the franchisee, and quickly learn it.

companies need to do two things, one is to improve the quality of the products; the two is to enhance consumer awareness, knowledge education and consumption guidance, to the quality, technology and brand culture brand, made out of place, and ascend to a certain height, can really play, guide consumption the role of promoting consumption, stimulating demand. read more