Month: November 2017

How to use the love of Shanghai related to the search for web site layout

love Shanghai related search will recommend 10, love Shanghai will take a certain time. The largest amount of user search related words in the leftmost position. But in some special industries like Shanghai off the search, it can only rely on experience.

, the sprinkler operation video, while the video sprinkler, a user can see into the site, so that the user looks very convenient.

love Shanghai related to the search term only provides a reference value, which is useful to us, is the most relevant and not in our industry, so we need to analyze and judge. But this we need to know very much about your product or service, so that there is a sharp zalik. Most sites do well in Shanghai Longfeng, is very understanding of the industry and the market, rather than what we think is just to find a Shanghai dragon can put the keywords ranking up, after all, Shanghai dragon itself is not an independent department. For example, sprinkler in the industry, why users are more interested in watering car video? I know very much about the sprinkler in this industry, because many users do not know which of the sprinkler sprinkler effect is better when the purchase of sprinkler, or some users do not know how to operate the sprinkler, video introduction operation method simple and clear, so the truck is the largest demand video users. And if one does not understand the sprinkler of the industry, may think the sprinkler video can not directly bring him into, so the site will not add sprinkler video of this project, and can not meet the requirements of the user of the sprinkler video. And I am in our website with the sprinkler video of this column, as follows: read more

A5 marketing small and medium sized enterprises really need to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

The weight of

constantly updated with the love Shanghai algorithm and update each month, many of the web site are subjected to love "

two, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis can quickly restore is down right and be K enterprise website

is part of the enterprise website before the responsible person asked, the corporate website is not there right down, but the flow, weight, ranking always can not go up, but the leadership is very worried about it, we are responsible for site optimization personnel also have no way, if through the website of the Shanghai Dragon can turn a diagnosis there are some Adsense? Asked the corporate website is currently down right before the stage, the weight is very high and the release is the second, we in the optimization of time is also cautious about doing optimization, enterprise web site is down right and be K, eventually did not flee love Shanghai’s clutches, now the site the weight becomes zero, the article also not included, the keywords ranking is not the shadow of the site, if you can quickly restore Shanghai dragon diagnosis, Because of our enterprise website and the customer is very important. The author believes that these two situations are suitable for the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, only will be the site of the disease diagnosis in order to solve these two kinds of situations. So, small and medium-sized enterprises really need to do Shanghai dragon read more