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Jackson F. Doe Jr. Sues LPRC for US$72K Unpaid Benefits

first_imgJackson F. Doe Jr., former Managing Director, LPRC-Opens up floodgates for other lawsuits as Edwin Sarvice, former deputy managing director for operations, demands US$25,685The collapse of a deal that could have made the former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), Jackson F. Doe Jr. (son of the late Jackson F. Doe Sr, political leader of Liberia Action Party in the 1985 elections) to walk away with US$67,200 as severance pay, has now resulted to Doe filing a US$72,800 plus 6% interest lawsuit against the company before the Debt Court, at the Temple of Justice.Doe’s complaint filed on his behalf by the Gongloe and Associates Law Firm claimed that according to the handbook approved by the Board of Directors of the LPRC Doe is entitled to a severance pay of one month’s salary which is 1.5 multiplied by US$5,600, which is US$8,400 and multiplied by eight years of service, which will give a total of US$72,800.Mr. Doe was replaced by Madam Nyemadi D. Pearson, in 2018.Following Doe’s lawsuit, the former managing director for operations, Edwin Sarvice, also filed a similar lawsuit against the company, claiming US$25,685 constituting severance pay for three years with a year’s salary also in the amount of US$4,670, (US$4,670 multiplied by 1.5 total US$7,005 and then multiplied by 3 years, equalling US$21,015 plus US$4,670, totaling US$25,685).Sarvice’s lawsuit was also filed by the same Gongloe and Associates Law Firm.However, in separate answers filed by the International Law Group (ILG) representing the LPRC management, the law firm argued that the court has no jurisdiction over employment contract disputes and that the employee-employer relationship is a specialized subject matter so conferred by law on the Ministry of Labor and the National Labor Court for disposition.“The Debt Court lacks jurisdiction over the subject matter in these proceedings, same being a claim for severance pay that supposedly grew out of an employer-employee relationship,” the law firm’s answer, a copy of which is with the Daily Observer, said and added that the “action should be dismissed because this is not a subject matter to be disposed of by the Debt Court consistent with law.”Further, the ILG said to render transparent justice the court must first have jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter, which it said the court lacks.Doe’s and Sarvice’s cases are the first of a long list of cases from hundreds of people who are waiting to sue LPRC for similar allegations, a legal expert hinted the Daily Observer.Prior to the ILG’s request for dismissal of the former LPRC’s managers’ lawsuits, there have been several exchanges of communications between the company’s in-house lawyers and the Gongloe and Associates Law Firm, which the current management of LPRC reaffirmed its commitment to the severance pay agreement.It was not clear what prompted Madam Nyemadi D. Pearson, managing director of the LPRC to change her mind by hiring the International Law Group to push her case against her predecessors, Doe and Sarvice.Madam Pearson had earlier agreed in separate letters to the former managers that the company was aware of their obligation to Mr. Jackson F. Doe, in the amount of US$67,200 as well as to Service for US$25,685, as stipulated in the Management’s Policy.One of these letters, dated June 18, 2018, with the signature of Nyemadi D. Pearson and copied the Board of Directors and obtained by the Daily Observer, said “Re. Severance Pay for Jackson F. Doe Jr. Former Managing Director.“I present my compliment and acknowledge receipt of your letter dated June 13, 2018, in the interest of your Client, Mr. Jackson F. Doe Jr. former managing director of the LPRC, requesting the management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) to pay him severance pay.“I am pleased to inform you that the management of LPRC has acknowledged an obligation to your Client, Mr. Jackson F. Doe Jr. in the amount of US$67,200 as stipulated in the Management’s Policy.“I write to further inform you that due to the ongoing rehabilitation of the LPRC’s facilities at the Product Storage Terminal coupled with budgetary constraints of which the former managing director is already aware, payment of his severance benefits cannot be made now.”Concluding, Madam Pearson’s letter said,” I can assure you that payment will be made immediately the company’s financial situation improves in the next fiscal period and thanks for your understanding as we strive to foster the President’s Pro-Poor Agenda.”In Doe’s lawyers’ June 4, 2018 letter to Madam Pearson, they wrote: “We acknowledge receipt of your letter in response to ours, regarding the demand for severance pay on behalf of our client, Jackson F. Doe. We note that in your letter you stated that you owe our client the amount of US$67,200 as severance pay. Based on the last salary of our client, what the company owes him as severance pay is US$83,200.”Clarifying the money, the letter noted that “We arrived at this figure by multiplying our client’s last pay, US$6,400 by half of 1.5 including the eight months, since he was employed on January 1, 2010. One month pay in lieu of notice was also added.For Sarvice, his lawyers informed the LPRC management that “since our client’s services were terminated, he has not been paid his severance by the company. We request that you do everything within your power to pay our client his severance within a week as of the receipt of our letter. In order to ensure that there is an agreement on the amount to be paid, we request that in your acknowledgment of our letter, you please state the total amount that our client is entitled to based on your payroll.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Historic win for Ferndale

first_imgThe Wildcats paid tribute to Charlie Lakin in the best way possible at the Arcata Ball Park on Tuesday evening, becoming the first Little 4 team to win a game at the tournament that bears his name.The Humboldt-Del Norte League tournament named in his honor is only in its fourth year, but the breakthrough 1-0 win over Arcata for the smaller school was a notable milestone nonetheless.“For us, it’s kind of cool,” Ferndale head coach Justin Andersen said. “It’s the Charlie Lakin Tournament and …last_img read more

Live updates: Warriors vs. Rockets, Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

first_imgJoin us for live news and analysis Saturday at 5:30 p.m. as the Warriors, winners of 17 of their last 19 games, will host the Houston Rockets at Oracle as all eyes will be on James Harden.Harden, who was suffering from a cervical neck strain that bothered him in Thursday’s 111-106 loss to the Lakers, was listed as questionable early Saturday. The defending NBA MVP scored 30 points Thursday to extend his streak of 30-plus points to 32 consecutive games — second best in NBA history. …last_img read more

Things to know: Sharks lineup change, Braun on Blais hit and second line struggles

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos or videos on a mobile deviceST. LOUIS — With the Sharks looking to take command of the Western Conference Final against the St. Louis Blues, Marcus Sorensen rejoined the lineup Friday after he was a healthy scratch for Game 3.Sorensen began Game 4 against the Blues on the fourth line with Barclay Goodrow and Joonas Donskoi. Micheal Haley, who had 5 minutes and 50 seconds of ice time in Game 3 — a 5-4 Sharks win in overtime that gave …last_img read more

How Jake Diekman improves a shaky Athletics bullpen

first_imgIn theory, a bullpen featuring Blake Treinen, Lou Trivino and Liam Hendriks (the current iteration) is one of the best in baseball.Add Jake Diekman — which the Oakland A’s did Saturday morning in a trade with the Kansas City Royals — and that bullpen transforms into a behemoth.Right now, this untouchable bullpen is just a barely tangible concept. Off his injury Treinen is still struggling with his command and Trivino is just finding his footing as the stable late-inning force he was not long …last_img read more

SETI Uses Design Inference

first_imgSome astronomers are concerned that we may never detect aliens.  If alien civilizations “go digital” within a short time period, as humans have in a century since the invention of radio, the possibility of detecting their radio signals may be much smaller than earlier thought.  Zoe Macintosh wrote for Live Science, “Finding E.T. May Become Harder If Aliens Go Digital.”    Now that our broadcasts have become more focused with digital technology, there’s less radio leakage from Earth.  Duncan Forgan at the University of Edinburgh, who is working on a paper for the International Journal of Astrobiology, factored into the Drake Equation an estimate of how long a civilization would leak its transmissions before becoming “radio quiet.”  He now puts the odds of detection at 1 in 10 million – a much more pessimistic number than Frank Drake, who only considered the lifetime of an advanced civilization, believed.    Knowing what to look for is also crucial to SETI.  Here’s how Macintosh described the target:Scientists continue to use radio waves to search for life because of the scarcity of natural sources of radio waves in the universe, and the fact that they are less easily lost by absorption than other forms of light.    Even the smallest snippet from an alien broadcast could count as evidence of an extraterrestrial intelligence.    “An artificial signal will have patterns in it that usually do not appear in nature, even if distorted,” Forgan said.The rest of the article focused on other means of detection than radio.  But then, maybe aliens would want to use radio even with all its inefficiencies.  Forgan speculated about the alien mind: “On the other hand other civilizations may have a different outlook.  They may be desperate to make communication with other civilizations.”Aren’t aliens natural?  Aren’t humans natural?  Are Macintosh and Forgan telling us that humans and their alien friends are unnatural?  What does “artificial” mean, if not a product of intelligent design?  Didn’t they effectively admit that, using a design inference, they could separate artificial signals from natural radio noise?  Yes, they did; and they said that “even the smallest snippet from an alien broadcast could count as evidence” for making that inference.  Conclusion: SETI researchers are advocates for intelligent design.  The only difference is, they have no evidence for their targets, whereas the leading I.D. thinkers on Earth have plenty, including their own genes, cells, bodies, and minds.  We invite the SETI community to admit the obvious basis of their reasoning, and to become supporters of the Intelligent Design movement.(Visited 16 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Gift of the Givers: 25 years of philanthropy: Dr YM Essack: medical co-ordinator

first_imgSouth Africa is a unique and amazing nation; the spirit of ubuntu lives in us. In a series of five articles, we share stories from Gift of the Givers volunteers in their own words as the organisation marks its 25th year of serving humanity. In this article, the first of five, we chat to medical co-ordinator, Dr YM Essack to find out more about his role. Dr Essack, with spectacles, with Dr Sooliman. (Image: Gift of the Givers)Sulaiman PhilipSouth African humantarian organisation Gift of the Givers is celebrating 25 years of philanthropy this year. In that time, the largest African organisation of its kind has brought aid and comfort to people in need in 43 countries.The group, founded and led by Dr Imtiaaz Sooliman, has helped to deliver water to drought stricken areas of South Africa and fed refugees in Somalia. It has ongoing feeding programmes in South Africa, humanitarian missions in war-torn Syria and has helped to free South African hostages in Yemen and Mali.Dr Sooliman has built an organisation that lives the very African spirit of ubuntu. He has done so in the company of a group of dedicated volunteers. We spoke to a small selection of them, and will share their stories in a series of articles. From medical staff to logistics, we find out more about Gift of the Givers through its volunteers.In this first of five articles, medical co-ordinator, Dr YM Essack, tells us more about the missions he has been on.Dr YM Essack, the Gift of the Givers medical co-ordinator, has worked with the organisation since 1993. (Image: Gift of the GIvers)Dr YM Essack: medical co-ordinatorI remember, we were in Dharkoush [Syria] when a child, ten or 11, was brought to us after being shot. He had been accidentally shot by his father who was cleaning his gun. The boy’s father stood at the foot of the bed weeping and caressing his son’s feet as our trauma team tried to save his life. The father kept asking in Arabic, “Is he alive?” We could not save his life.Countless emotions ran through the entire ward. We all felt so numb as he broke down. Outside the mother was beyond consoling. What a fruitless and senseless war. All those civilians caught in the quagmire, armed with weapons they don’t know how to use to defend themselves.I have been the Gift of the Givers’ medical co-ordinator over many missions and, in spite of my theoretical knowledge, the reality on the ground is the great leveller. There is always the stark reminder that there exists a need that can never be completely fulfilled. There is, at times, for me this hollow feeling that my presence is not going to change a situation.But for recipients of the aid we bring and the medical assistance that we supply, people often in the most hopeless situations, we are a reminder that humanity still exists at a universal level. That connection between us makes us family.I don’t like talking about myself, but I have a family and I have my own private practice. Everyone knows  that I will drop everything else when the call comes. They understand that I have made a commitment to Gift of the Givers. They know that I believe in its mission and that the “Best among people are those who benefit mankind”.Our motivation, the belief that Dr Sooliman lives by, has a deep spiritual base that ensures unbiased, fair and well thought-out service across racial, religious and geographic barriers. The scope of aid provided is mind-boggling, from material through to medical and psycho-social needs. The emphasis is always, as Dr Sooliman says, to do God’s work as his agents on this Earth.I first met Dr Sooliman in Mozambique in 1991. I was working at a mobile clinic offering primary health care and he was involved with a relief programme. It was clear from the beginning that there was a synergy between us. We both shared the view that service to the Almighty was achieved through serving the needs of humanity at individual, community, national and global level.When Dr Sooliman began developing the Mobile Containerised Hospital I offered my assitance. I was present [in 1993] when the hospital was shipped from the shores of Durban to Bosnia and Herzegovina. My responsibilities have grown over the many missions I have been involved in.I am the medical co-ordinator; my responsibilities encompass preparation and readiness for whatever may be required on a mission. I need to assess the personnel needs, procure equipment, medicines and consumables. I network with specific teams whether they are orthopaedic, surgical or anaesthetia. I am a part of a core team involved with logistics and that deployment fits the context on the ground. With 27 years of family medicine experience, I am able to work as a doctor when required.As important, I provide support to Dr Sooliman with team members. This involves ensuring team harmony, allocation of human and material resources and help with the psychological well being of volunteers.Dr Essack believes in the importance of the work he does with Gift of the Givers despite feeling at times that it won’t change the situation on the ground. (Image: Gift of the Givers)Read the next profile on beekeeper, Owen Willams.Emily Thomas, who works in logitistics at Gift of the Givers shares her story.Ahmed Bham is the head of search and rescue. Read his story here.Dr Livan Meneses-Turino describes Gift of the Givers as a family. Click here to find out more about what he has done with the organisation.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Telangana gets its first ‘child-friendly’ police station

first_imgTelangana’s first ‘child- friendly’ police station was on Thursday inaugurated at Medipally here, in association with Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), founded by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi. As part of the joint initiative, BBA will also organise a training session in order to raise awareness, sensitise and inform police personnel on the guidelines laid down by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) for establishing child-friendly police stations, an official release said. While highlighting the role of police in child-related issues, the organisation apprised the stakeholders on the importance of ensuring that no procedural provisions are disregarded while dealing with the distressed children, it said. Speaking at the inaugural event, Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh M Bhagwat appreciated the efforts and role of BBA in constructing the state’s first child-friendly police station. With assistance from BBA, the child-friendly police station with “child-friendly corners” was decorated with wall paintings,furnished with beds, water coolers, in order to make children, visiting the police stations, comfortable and feel relaxed. Apart from this, books, toys and games have been made available, it said. Samir Mathur, CEO of BBA, said, “child-friendly police stations play a vital role in ensuring that every child has proper and timely access to justice. These police stations promise a facilitating environment and also encourage higher reporting of crimes relating to children.” Police said during the operation Smile and Operation Muskaan, a total of 1,884 children — 1,460 boys and 424 girls, were rescued in the limits of Rachakonda Commissionerate from 2017 till date. Rachakonda Police in association with other government departments and NGOs have already started’work site schools’ for rescued children from brickilns under ‘Brickline School’ where children of migrant labourers from Odisha are imparted education in their mother tongue.last_img read more

Murder near Wulff Road

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, March 27, 2017 – Nassau – Another killing over the weekend, off Wulff Road as reports are that two men were shot and both were taken to hospital where one of them died.  It happened around 1:30am on Saturday at a club on Quintine Alley.#MagneticMediaNews#WulffRoadmurder#shootingoffWulffRoad Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #shootingoffWulffRoad, #WulffRoadmurder Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more